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Searchable gene expresion database of the oocyte and pre-implantation embryo.


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About Us

Dr David Green - BSc (Bristol) PhD (Cambridge)

David Green has been engaged in research into aspects of mammalian fertilization and early embryonic development for the past 25 years. Areas of interest have included the acrosome reaction, sperm surface proteins, fertilization biophysics and zona pellucida structure. Current research interests are focused on gene expression in the developing follicle and pre-implantation embryo, and use of GFP transgenics to monitor early embryonic development in real time. [email David]

Dr Jo-Ann Stanton - BSc (Hons) (ANU), PhD (UWA)

Jo-Ann trained as a molecular biologist specialising in analysis of gene expression and subtractive hybridisation techniques. Her current research interests are in gene expression in the oocyte and preimplantation embryo as well as database structures that describe complex biological systems. [email Jo-Ann]

Chris Mason - BA, BSc (Otago)

Chris is the Bioinformatics Programmer & Database Administrator for the group. He completed a BSc in Computer Science in 2002 and worked as a Research Assistant and Programmer before taking up his job here. Chris writes most of the group's software using predominantly C, C++, Perl, PHP and Java. Chris has written software for the Mac OS X, UNIX and Windows operating systems. [email Chris]

Moyna Muller

Moyna has a Masters Degree in Zoology and joined the group in July 2004. She is involved in researching new gene expression patterns for the Greenegg database and analysing pre-implantation embryo development on the confocal microscope. She also manages the group's transgenic mouse colony. [email Moyna]

Mustafa Dameh BCom (Hons) (Otago)

Mustafa completed his honours degree in Information Science in 2002. He is undertaking a PhD in the area of Bioinformatics, he is looking at building computer models for biochemical pathways in mouse preimplantation embryo genesis. [email Mustafa]