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Michael Quinn - BSc MSc PhD (Otago University)

Michael completed an MSc in Zoology in 1999, doing research on chinook salmon gill physiology. He started working with the Molecular Embryology Group in 2000. Michael became interested in gene expression work and commenced a PhD at the start of 2001. His project is titled ‘Gene expression of human granulosa cells’. Granulosa cells are in direct contact with the oocyte, which together form the follicle. They are important in providing the oocyte with nutrients and contribute to the overall development of the follicle. His approach used SAGE (Serial analysis of gene expression) to construct a gene expression profile for granulosa cells. Michael graduated in 2004 and is now at the Department of Human Genetics, McGill University, Montreal Canada, in the field of ovarian cancer.
Outside of molecular biology, Michael has a strong interest in films, flyfishing, photography and the outdoors in general.

Erica Little - BSc, BCApSc, MSc (Otago University)

Erica joined the group in 2004 as an Assistant Research Fellow. Her work to date has involved optimising an In-situ hybridisation protocol for mouse ovary sections and the developing follicles within. Erica enrolled as a Masters student in the lab. She now works as a Research Assistant at the Queensland Brain Institute, University of Queensland.